Month: May 2017

Graduation in my house? 

I cannot believe that it’s coming to the time in my life where I get to host graduation parties!

Okay, okay maybe I’m being a little dramatic, I mean it’s ONLY 5th grade gradution. But this milestone is worth celebrating.

5th grade graduation, do you remember it? That time in your life you were no longer a child but now a BIG kid? I’ve asked Trianiti a lot these past few weeks about how she feels about the newest transition in her life. She has summed it down to: Excited to be considered a big kid but nervous about her new adventure. What is middle school going to be like, if she’ll get a locker she can decorate (priorities of an 11-year old), does she NOW get a cellphone (I answered her question quickly, NO)?

Being the mom that I am, I made to commemorate this special occasion. I sat in my office all morning long creating special decorations for her, because I. AM. THAT. MOM. She will know when I am gone, I enjoyed every single second of being HER mom.

Still can’t believe that I now have a middle schooler as I made all of the decorations. It seems like yesterday that I was dropping her off at her first day of preschool. She looks like a totally different person than she does now.

Now for the party details:

Of all the decorations that I made the wreath was my favorite by far. I took a green foam wreath ring and wrapped tulle in the shades of her school colors. I then scoured my endless sea of pictures for ‘first day of school’ pictures, 7 years! and hot glued onto the tulle. I created the mock graduation cap with my cricut, however, you could totally just make a square & color in your son/daughters name & graduation year. To make the tassel I used this tutorial. Super easy and took only 30 minutes to complete the entire project.

These super sparkly jars, because who doesn’t love a little glitter at their parties? Were just mason jars bought from Walmart, some glitter bough from Michaels, and glue. All you do is paint the glue onto the jars & dump the glitter, let dry. DONE! Seriously, that easy. I promise, it’s not hard at all.

I picked up a basic cake from Walmart yesterday. because my local bakery was OUT OF CAKES!!! How does this happen, I don’t know. Seriously OUT OF CAKE?!? I’m actually still annoyed over it, as you can tell? This cake wasn’t bad, it was actually yummy, however my local bakery takes the cake (hehe) on the flavors & moistness. 

For the banner, cake topper & centerpiece sticks, you will be able to find them in my shop. Remember that all colors can be customized to your event.


I end this post with, remember to celebrate everyday. Tomorrow isn’t promised, make sure you acknowledge all accomplishments, big or small. This is me, this is who I am, I will celebrate you because you are important to me.

Are disco parties still in?

Every year my kids set off into their imaginations about what their next birthday party theme will be.

Trianiti’s birthday is in January, she generally gives me the theme late October, because this DIY mama needs time to plan and to make sure it’s extra special.

The one thing I’ve found out about party planning, DO NOT wait until the last-minute. As an Etsy shop owner, I get the last minute requests all the time, and I can just tell by their messages they are in desperate need. Why do this to yourself? Why give yourself extra gray hairs that aren’t wanted? Give yourself some time to plan, make this fun for you and your child!

Remember those 9 months of baby planning you did while pregnant, and the joy it was to finally say “Hello”? Party planning for their birthday should be the same joy. Remember that with every birthday, there is a milestone. Both of you got through another year of laughs & tears, groundings & vacations, ‘I hate you’s’ & ‘I love you’s’. Enjoy the process, have fun planning together, and look back on the last year of your life together.

This past October, Trianiti set out to have the best disco/neon party out there. Stop right there, disco? Are we not in 2017, who does disco anymore? To answer that, my kids does. I set off into my journey of party planning. I scoured Pinterest and couldn’t come up with a whole lot of ideas. CRAP! This was going to be a hard one!

As I quickly found out, it really wasn’t going to be that hard. Colors were already picked; neon, and she told me she wanted a black light dance party. Sweet! So off I went.

The first thing that I got was the black light from amazon, I also picked up a BUNCH of neon glow sticks (update: If I were to host another glow party, I would buy all of the glow stuff here). In the play room, for her name, I placed the sticks together to form letters & taped them up on the wall, you don’t have to break them, the black light makes them light up! We also punched out the circles & strung them with my sewing machine, then hung. ( I used this tutorial to learn how to do this.)

I made the banner & cake topper with my cricut, and again punched out more circles for the backdrop and table.

For an activity I let them faces with neon body paint. **Warning** Although it was super fun, and everyone enjoyed it, please don’t do this! We found out that the body paint irritated skin & some of the girls had red blotches on their faces and others were left with very itchy skin!

Although I am not a partycity person, I do go there for SOME party needs. Here is what I got there:

Neon plates & Neon cups. Bead Necklaces & a few black table covers

After cake & presents, I let all the girls go downstairs & blast the music to dance the night away (until 11pm).

The next morning after all the girls left, Trianiti came up to me and hugged me so tight, looked up at me and said “Thank you Mom for that amazing party! It was the best yet, and I had a blast! Thank you for making me feel special!”

And this is why I do what I do, because making 1 kid feel like their specical is what it’s all about.


Heart glow glasses

entire glow party pack

glow nail polish



How New York City changed my life

I know what you’re thinking, of course it did, NYC is AMAZING …. Sadly I have to disagree! I’m not a city gal, I’m a down-home-back-country-sit-by-a-bonfire-at-the-end-of-the-night kind of gal. The hustle of the city was a bit overwhelming to me, and the rats are way bigger than I ever dreamed of.

So why did NYC change my life? Because the opportunity that took me there was what changed my life! For 5 years I’ve just been this gal, selling on Etsy her party decor. Everyday I hoped that the new item I threw up was going to sell, and that people would buy my stuff. Well, apparently someone noticed! A little over a month ago I was approached by the amazing marketing team of  Cricut. They found my shop and LOVED my stuff! WHAT (shocker, gasp, I may even passed out a bit), they wanted to fly this small town girl from KY to NYC to speak to magazine editors about being an entrepreneur.

I jumped at the opportunity to go to NYC, of course I would love to show off my talents! I thought I was going to talk to magazine editors and tell them about myself, and never did I think I’d come back re-energized about my craft & life. This NYC trip was more than just a press event, I mean press is cool, but to be told by so many that my stuff is amazing and I’m on the right track, is like, WOW! Seriously, an editor from Martha LOVED my stuff! I met a ton of people for the 2 days I was out there, one thing I took from the trip, start a blog! So of course here I am, listening to the people, public, and PR people.

To look back on the last 13 years of my life, I would’ve never guessed in a MILLION years I would be where I am today.

My life wasn’t always cupcakes & party banners, it was once a very rough road. I was a troubled teen, now before you go off and think, well every teen has their moments. Ask my Dad, he’ll agree I was hell-on-wheels, I’m sure he had nightmares about the stuff I hadn’t done yet. By the age of 18 I was pregnant, and faced with the reality of

Unwed, teenaged, single mother.

By the age of 20, I had seen & been through it all. Had a 1-year-old on my hip, dealing with domestic violence, drug abuse (not me, my then counterpart), food banks & life. During this time though, I was always working at least 1 full-time job, and going to college full-time. After I turned 21, I had committed myself to being a single mom, working & going to school full-time, I was doing it by myself. I put myself through college, graduated with 2 degrees & ended up meeting one of my biggest cheerleaders in life, who I eventually married.

The day I told my Dad I was pregnant he said to me: You will live your life-like you will always be a single mother, do not settle, you can do this. Do not depend on someone else, make a life that you want to live, whatever you want to accomplish, do it. Work your butt off, it will be hard, but in the end it will all pay off.


Hard work has paid off.

While in NYC I went to the Empire State Building. While peeking through the window I saw a glance at the Statue of Liberty. To me she represents hope & promise. No matter what, as long as you work hard there will always be hope.


My work station

My kids call this the “work station”, I call it “the dungeon”, but this is my office. Where all of the party decor & invites are made and now where I blog.

This office isn’t one of those pretty designed spaces that you see on HGTV, flip or flop, or in any home furnishing magazine. However, this office is functional, seriously. I’ve jammed packed this 18×18 space with a TON of party supplies.
Do you see that? 3 paper cutting machines? Yes! I use all 3 at one time while working, it’s NUTS!
I really hate showing my office not clean but this is me. Real & raw. 

It’s all about the Unicorn

The first thing I’ve learned about planning a party is that themes come & go REALLY fast.


Currently the unicorn theme is all the rage! Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you know that all kids are everything unicorn (and those fidget spinners, don’t get me started on that). The unicorn is so popular even Starbucks got on the bandwagon!


I listed a few unicorn stuff in my shop a month ago, and it’s been flying off the shelves ever since.


Things to know when planning your unicorn party:

  1. popular colors of this theme; light pink, light purple, teal & glitter silver/gold
  2. think magical! Unicorns are a magical creature, and so should your party
  3. unicorns are not just for little kids, every 13 year olds are having unicorn parties!

Have fun planning your next bash!



Hello world!

Greeting from Independence, KY

My name is Ashlee Falco, wife & mother of 2. I run a successful party decor shop on Etsy ( and am just starting out my journey of a blogger.

This blog will be dedicated to all things party. I love the art of party planning and am hoping I’ll convert a few others to find the love too. I hear all the time party planning is stressful, and I feel as though it’s not, you just have to be prepared.

I will have a bunch of DIY party ideas as well as tips for foods, and games.

Let’s get started!