Month: October 2017

Halloween sweet treats

Making memories

Everyday needs to be celebrated. Making Halloween popcorn balls for all her school friends.

I am that person that shows my love for you by feeding you. Not only do I love to cook, but it’s the way I show love. Ask anyone, if you’re a visitor in my house I HAVE to cook for you. I think I got this from my family, everything revolves around food.

So recently I had my Grandma, Aunt & Uncle come to visit. Of course there was a TON of food made & ate, but I also had something I needed to accomplish before they left again. Making my great-grandmothers popcorn balls. This bad boys are SO delicious, super buttery & sugary but so worth every single bite. Scroll all the way down for my family recipe. This card can be printed for your at home recipe book. I designed this in Cricut Design Space™“>Design Space.

With Halloween coming up, I decided to look back in my pictures and see if there were any other cool Halloween treats I made.  I did come across these pudding cups. I made these back in 2012, for a kids Halloween party. I used this recipe.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 12.01.22 PM

I got some creepy plastic spiders and hot glued them onto the paper cups. I also melted green chocolate and piped zombie hands. They were so delicious!

Here are some more super easy Halloween sweet treats:

Rice Krispy Treat Monsters

Halloween Pretzel Rods

“Spooky” Cinnamon Sugar Flour Tortilla Crispy

Ghostly Chocolate Covered Strawberry

popcorn balls

So buttery & sugary but SO delicious.

Last minute Halloween costume change

With Halloween so close I’ve been super busy planning the kids’ costumes & creating custom party decor for the big day. Packard decided he wanted to be a red ninjago ninja.

Packard in his Ninjago costume

Packard on his 5th birthday. He was so excited to get this costume, he’s decided that’s what he’ll be for Halloween.

This was super easy, as he got this costume for his birthday. Trianiti finally figured out what she wanted to be; Jigsaw from the movie Saw. I was able to get all of her costume necessities off of Ebay: Kids suit, stripe leggings, red bow tie & a black skirt.


the puppet from the scary Saw movies

On Tuesday (10/24) Trianiti decides to tell me she needs something else for school for Friday (10/27). They’re allowed to wear costumes, but no face makeup. With the Jigsaw costume heavily relying on the makeup to achieve the look, no one will know what/who she is and at 11 this is VERY important. Cue the fast acting mom solutions. We will turn her Jigsaw costume into Colonel Sanders with a few purchased items off of Amazon. Thank goodness for amazon prime! Red Apron, Thick rimmed glasses, a white mustache, and white hair paint. We used the black pants, white shirt and red bowtie we have on hand from the Jigsaw costume. Tuesday night we ran out to KFC to grab a bucket of chicken for dinner to finish off the look.

I used my Shop our cutting machine collection at” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>cricut to design a decal for the front of the apron, and then used my View our most popular products at” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>heat press to press the iron on to the apron. In all I think the last-minute costume change was a success, we’ll see what she says when she gets home from school. Hopefully everyone LOVES her new look.

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