Month: November 2017

Learning our numbers

When Buddy started preschool I made this binder filled with letter, shape and number learning. Everyweek at school he learns a new letter, and it’s been fun doing extended learning at home.

This week we’re on Thanksgiving break. I don’t want to stop the momentum of learning, so today we busted out the book the do some color pages. Buddy really enjoys doing the color by numbers pages, and I enjoy that he’s learning his numbers while doing being artistic.

I found these color pages here. I slip the printed sheet into a sheet protector, and then let him color the picture with dry erase markers. After he’s done, we just wipe clean and start another page. This makes these sheets reusable, which is something I love.

All the monsters come to a party

Halloween isn’t just a holiday to go get free candy in costumes, it’s also a great reason to have a party! Seriously. Who doesn’t love to party? Gather some super simply supplies are you’re all set to have a great monster bash.

When I think about Halloween, there are a few characters I think of: Frankenstein, witches, mummy’s, & clowns. I have a horrible fear of clowns, so this is why the banner & other party decor that I’ve created doesn’t have them included.

I created the banner in design space, and cut it out with my Cricut.