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Our adoption story.


There was a time in my life the was very uncertain. When you hear people who say “I struggled through life”, that was me. I was a mother, and have always been a mother. I knew from they day I found out I was pregnant that I needed to care & nurture a human being more than I every had for myself.

As for always being a single mom I knew that I needed to be very strategic about who I brought into my life, especially men. Not everyone that I considered friends would ever meet my darling angel, and there was a reason for that. This little human didn’t need people coming in & out of her life, she needed consistency. Although I had many strong men in my life: my dad, grandpa, & my wonderfully supportive Uncle Bob, she someday would need a dad. BIG shoes to fill right?

During my single days, I dated (a lot), and hated it. I started to let go of the dream of having that ‘perfect’ family. Until one day, a new man (my boss at the time, whoops) came walking into my life. I knew from the second I laid eyes on him he’d be my husband. If you don’t believe in love at first sight, I can tell you happens!

For 3 years we got to know each other, never once did he meet my little girl, although he heard LOTS about her. Finally the hard conversations came, did you want to be apart of OUR life? If you make the commitment to be apart of our life, you don’t get the option to walk right out when you decide no more. Yes, ask my now husband, I was that blunt about the needs of being in our life. I take the lives of my children very seriously, their emotional wellbeing is my top priority.

After the first meet, the two became inseparable very quickly. Within months, she had asked if she could call him DAD because “he is what I think a Dad is: he plays with me, helps me with homework, is there for me when I puke and kisses me goodnight”. At only 5 she had so much wisdom, it brought me to my knees.

A few years later, after we were married & had brought our new little one into the world. Sitting in the car, dropping off a rent check, she saw a check. “Mom; if dad’s last name is Falco, and your last name is Falco, what is Buddy’s last name?” — “His name is also Falco” “So why am I the only one with a different last name? Why can’t I be a Falco like everyone else?”. At that very moment, we needed to do something for this little blessing child.

And so our adoption story began.

This story isn’t a typical adoption story. She was already in our family, she was mine & his (but we needed to make that part official). On November 18th, 2013 the adoption was finalized and she was finally a Falco, like she had dreamed one day would happen.

And then in true fashion, we had to celebrate this!


My sister-in-law made this cake, and I did the cake topper. Isn’t that cake the most amazing cake you’ve ever seen? She did a fantastic job!


A party isn’t complete without a banner & decor.


The ‘guest’ book was actually pretty cool. Everyone got to leave their thumb print on the tree. We actually still have this canvas, and it hangs on our wall. The favors were little jars filled with Swedish Fish



I ended up listing all of the decor in my shop afterwards because I thought it was super cool. I’ve sold so many ofishal banners and have heard so many other adoption stories, it has warmed my heart. Adoption isn’t about just getting a child, adoption is the completion of a family. To make whole what our hearts need. Adoption for us meant certainty, forever, & roots.



I should’ve been a party planner

I love parties!

Of course I do, I mean I run an Etsy shop filled with party decor & invites, but seriously I love parties! I love the planning, assembling, & finally the look on everyones face when they see it all come together. No occasion is too small to have a little party for.

Every year my kids set out about 3 months before their birthday’s for a theme that fits them. This year my little man wanted a Lego ninjago theme.


Pull up a new tab and see if you can find anything Lego Ninjago party themed in the brick & mortar stores. Bet you can’t! And if you can, please tell me where. This year this theme was really hard to gather supplies but also really made me stretch my creativity. One this is for certain, I wish there would’ve been a pinata for sale, somewhere, for me to purchase. He REALLY wanted one, and I couldn’t find one anywhere! (Are pinata’s still in?)

I scoured pinterest for lego decor, and even created a pinterest board full of lego lego & ideas. I found that incorporating ninjas to this theme was going to be the difficult part.

For starters I did the easiest things I could. I took both my kids 11 & (now) 5 down to the play room and assembled: cake & cupcake platters, napkin & plate holder, and the utensil holder. I took a then took a green lego base plate and did the outline for a number 5. I had my little man fill in the 5 with assorted lego colors.


The cake is actually quiet the story. I generally use this bakery in town, have done this for years. But this year they wanted to charge me $70 for a 8 inch round cake! I am a mama on a budget, and refuse to do that! So I set off to do it myself. I am not a baker at all, but I was going to improvise. I bought lego candy off of amazon and went to the grocery store for a basic white cake with white frosting & just a little bit of red frosting for the trim. For 1 pound of candy & the cake it was $17.99. After I had both the candy & cake, I got to work. I took the cake & placed in on the lego cake platter I had made & then strategically placed the lego candy around the cake. When the entire cake was surrounded by candy, I pressed the candies in a bit to make sure they stuck & dumped the leftover candy on the top of the cake. The cake in the picture is a 8 inch round with only 1 pound of lego candy. (I can tell you, the cake was a HIT! All the guests, even adults, LOVED the cake!) The easiest cake & probably the cheapest I’ve ever spent on the cake. Took my a whole 5 minutes from start to finish.

See that little cutie in his lego costume! It was a perfect fit for his Ninjago lego party! Check out the ninjago mask here.

I made the lego banner & centerpiece sticks but I found the lego boxes for the centerpiece base at oriental trading company. I filled the boxes w/ rice and cut little holes in the top to insert the centerpiece sticks. The rice made the sticks not move around and weighed down the boxes so they don’t blow away.

Other items I purchased:

lego bubbles

lego plastic table cloths

ninjago swords

lego suckers




I loved doing everything for this party. At first it was a challenge but ended up all coming together for a great birthday bash!

Life’s Journey

Way back when, when I first started my journey of small business owner, I sold a whole Sesame Street party decor package to a lady. She received the decor & loved them! After the party I was tagged in her social media pictures.

What beautiful family, party & pictures! I hoped next year I’d be doing her daughters 3rd birthday & every birthday after that, but it didn’t happen. Life when on, and soon I was up to my ears in so many orders I forgot all about the Shravah family & their beautiful party.


Over a month ago I got this e-mail, it read:


Hi Ashlee- I don’t know if you remember me but you did Sesame Street decor for my daughters 2nd bday party in 2014 (Elmo). Are you avail to help me w a fundraiser I am having on May 23rd?

I had to look back in my records to remember who she was, but I e-mailed her back. Come to find out she never came back for more decor because shortly after her daughters 2nd birthday she was diagnosed with CANCER! I sat back and just listened to her talk about her journey, and after getting off the phone with her I was blown away & in tears. How can someone, who I’ve never met before, move me in ways I didn’t know possible?

For over 5 years now I’ve been apart of so many strangers’ memories & celebrations I’ve lost track of how many items I’ve sent out. But after that 1 phone call I was affirmed as to why I do what I do.

3 years have passed, I made & help celebrate her daughters 2nd birthday & now she’s coming back to celebrate her own birthday and to throw a fundraiser.

First and foremost I needed to learn about what organization she was working with, and what was it that she needed me to accomplish. Dee was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer, find her story here.


She wanted tent cards made for the tables that were to show her guests what Stage IV was. Many people (including myself don’t know anything about cancer). I created a custom tent card to be displayed on every table.

I also created photo booth props to be used in the photo booth. Custom labels were made to be added to her take-away bags.


You never know where life’s journey will take you. I am glad I was there in 2014 to give Dee & her family some great party decor, to make a smile & memory. I am so glad I’m still here in 2017 to help decorate a fundraiser. I am so blessed to have the job that I do. To be able to make strangers smile, or help when in need, I am blessed.

If you are interested in learning more about Metavivor please see their website here.

Graduation in my house? 

I cannot believe that it’s coming to the time in my life where I get to host graduation parties!

Okay, okay maybe I’m being a little dramatic, I mean it’s ONLY 5th grade gradution. But this milestone is worth celebrating.

5th grade graduation, do you remember it? That time in your life you were no longer a child but now a BIG kid? I’ve asked Trianiti a lot these past few weeks about how she feels about the newest transition in her life. She has summed it down to: Excited to be considered a big kid but nervous about her new adventure. What is middle school going to be like, if she’ll get a locker she can decorate (priorities of an 11-year old), does she NOW get a cellphone (I answered her question quickly, NO)?

Being the mom that I am, I made to commemorate this special occasion. I sat in my office all morning long creating special decorations for her, because I. AM. THAT. MOM. She will know when I am gone, I enjoyed every single second of being HER mom.

Still can’t believe that I now have a middle schooler as I made all of the decorations. It seems like yesterday that I was dropping her off at her first day of preschool. She looks like a totally different person than she does now.

Now for the party details:

Of all the decorations that I made the wreath was my favorite by far. I took a green foam wreath ring and wrapped tulle in the shades of her school colors. I then scoured my endless sea of pictures for ‘first day of school’ pictures, 7 years! and hot glued onto the tulle. I created the mock graduation cap with my cricut, however, you could totally just make a square & color in your son/daughters name & graduation year. To make the tassel I used this tutorial. Super easy and took only 30 minutes to complete the entire project.

These super sparkly jars, because who doesn’t love a little glitter at their parties? Were just mason jars bought from Walmart, some glitter bough from Michaels, and glue. All you do is paint the glue onto the jars & dump the glitter, let dry. DONE! Seriously, that easy. I promise, it’s not hard at all.

I picked up a basic cake from Walmart yesterday. because my local bakery was OUT OF CAKES!!! How does this happen, I don’t know. Seriously OUT OF CAKE?!? I’m actually still annoyed over it, as you can tell? This cake wasn’t bad, it was actually yummy, however my local bakery takes the cake (hehe) on the flavors & moistness. 

For the banner, cake topper & centerpiece sticks, you will be able to find them in my shop. Remember that all colors can be customized to your event.


I end this post with, remember to celebrate everyday. Tomorrow isn’t promised, make sure you acknowledge all accomplishments, big or small. This is me, this is who I am, I will celebrate you because you are important to me.

Are disco parties still in?

Every year my kids set off into their imaginations about what their next birthday party theme will be.

Trianiti’s birthday is in January, she generally gives me the theme late October, because this DIY mama needs time to plan and to make sure it’s extra special.

The one thing I’ve found out about party planning, DO NOT wait until the last-minute. As an Etsy shop owner, I get the last minute requests all the time, and I can just tell by their messages they are in desperate need. Why do this to yourself? Why give yourself extra gray hairs that aren’t wanted? Give yourself some time to plan, make this fun for you and your child!

Remember those 9 months of baby planning you did while pregnant, and the joy it was to finally say “Hello”? Party planning for their birthday should be the same joy. Remember that with every birthday, there is a milestone. Both of you got through another year of laughs & tears, groundings & vacations, ‘I hate you’s’ & ‘I love you’s’. Enjoy the process, have fun planning together, and look back on the last year of your life together.

This past October, Trianiti set out to have the best disco/neon party out there. Stop right there, disco? Are we not in 2017, who does disco anymore? To answer that, my kids does. I set off into my journey of party planning. I scoured Pinterest and couldn’t come up with a whole lot of ideas. CRAP! This was going to be a hard one!

As I quickly found out, it really wasn’t going to be that hard. Colors were already picked; neon, and she told me she wanted a black light dance party. Sweet! So off I went.

The first thing that I got was the black light from amazon, I also picked up a BUNCH of neon glow sticks (update: If I were to host another glow party, I would buy all of the glow stuff here). In the play room, for her name, I placed the sticks together to form letters & taped them up on the wall, you don’t have to break them, the black light makes them light up! We also punched out the circles & strung them with my sewing machine, then hung. ( I used this tutorial to learn how to do this.)

I made the banner & cake topper with my cricut, and again punched out more circles for the backdrop and table.

For an activity I let them faces with neon body paint. **Warning** Although it was super fun, and everyone enjoyed it, please don’t do this! We found out that the body paint irritated skin & some of the girls had red blotches on their faces and others were left with very itchy skin!

Although I am not a partycity person, I do go there for SOME party needs. Here is what I got there:

Neon plates & Neon cups. Bead Necklaces & a few black table covers

After cake & presents, I let all the girls go downstairs & blast the music to dance the night away (until 11pm).

The next morning after all the girls left, Trianiti came up to me and hugged me so tight, looked up at me and said “Thank you Mom for that amazing party! It was the best yet, and I had a blast! Thank you for making me feel special!”

And this is why I do what I do, because making 1 kid feel like their specical is what it’s all about.


Heart glow glasses

entire glow party pack

glow nail polish



It’s all about the Unicorn

The first thing I’ve learned about planning a party is that themes come & go REALLY fast.


Currently the unicorn theme is all the rage! Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you know that all kids are everything unicorn (and those fidget spinners, don’t get me started on that). The unicorn is so popular even Starbucks got on the bandwagon!


I listed a few unicorn stuff in my shop a month ago, and it’s been flying off the shelves ever since.


Things to know when planning your unicorn party:

  1. popular colors of this theme; light pink, light purple, teal & glitter silver/gold
  2. think magical! Unicorns are a magical creature, and so should your party
  3. unicorns are not just for little kids, every 13 year olds are having unicorn parties!

Have fun planning your next bash!