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All the monsters come to a party

Halloween isn’t just a holiday to go get free candy in costumes, it’s also a great reason to have a party! Seriously. Who doesn’t love to party? Gather some super simply supplies are you’re all set to have a great monster bash.

When I think about Halloween, there are a few characters I think of: Frankenstein, witches, mummy’s, & clowns. I have a horrible fear of clowns, so this is why the banner & other party decor that I’ve created doesn’t have them included.

I created the banner in design space, and cut it out with my Cricut.

Design Space 3 Hack

For anyone who uses the Cricut machine, they will know that there was a new design space that just came out.

Now with that came some pretty cool new additions, but it also came with some faults. Case in point the new P&C feature. While you get to print larger images & save paper, you now are stuck with a HUGE box around the entire image. This is fine and doesn’t mean anything for the general uses, but what if you want to print on a colored sheet of paper? When what I do for a living, many invites that I make are not done on just basic white paper, they are on really cool paper. Take these I Do BBQ invites. They are printed on a thick recycled kraft cardstock paper, I then use my cricut to cut out the invite in these really cute mason jar shapes.


Before Cricut updated to the new design space 3, the registration marks were only little squares, and easier to manage. Now it’s a huge box around the entire image. Because I wasn’t going to let \the cricut rule my life, I designed a hack.

Open the link
Press ‘make it’ button
Send to printer
Print on sticker paper
P&C using the sticker paper setting
Let the machine do its magic
When it’s done now you can print on any color paper!
Peel off 4 of the marks and put them onto the colored paper. (Be sure not to go over the black lines. You want those!

new file














That’s it!

I am so excited that I took the time to make this file. It sure saved me from taking down my most beloved items in my shop.