About Me

A long long time ago I celebrated my daughter’s 1st birthday. Decorated to the nine with DIY decorations, made by me. Late nights, tears & even paper cuts went into the decor but I fell in love with the craft.

I would decorate & celebrate any life’s moments, whether it was big or small. My motto in life, “celebrate everyday, everything, everyone as tomorrow isn’t promised”. For years people would tell me to start my own party decor shop, and be an event planner. I would just laugh it off, because who would buy my stuff?

In 2011, my husband came home with a piece of paper and said “I believe in you!”. I read the paper and saw he opened up an Etsy shop for me, and that’s how FalcoClan was born.

At My Epic Party by FalcoClan it’s pretty simple. I love to party. From invitations to decor to thank you notes and everything in between. I love it all. Being apart of so many events, even if it’s just a banner, brings joy to me. I put my heart & soul into making your dreams become a party reality!

I have come to realize that people want a one-of-a-kind event. From wedding to birthdays you want YOUR event to be different, special, and customized to you. I strive to do all of that for you.

I love my job, and love being creative.

With being a one (wo)man team, everything in my shop is handmade & made to order. I strive to make each customer feel welcomed to shop, encourage others creativity (lets chat, do you have a theme & can’t find decor, lets create together!), and send out the most top quality decorations around.