There was a time in my life the was very uncertain. When you hear people who say “I struggled through life”, that was me. I was a mother, and have always been a mother. I knew from they day I found out I was pregnant that I needed to care & nurture a human being more than I every had for myself.

As for always being a single mom I knew that I needed to be very strategic about who I brought into my life, especially men. Not everyone that I considered friends would ever meet my darling angel, and there was a reason for that. This little human didn’t need people coming in & out of her life, she needed consistency. Although I had many strong men in my life: my dad, grandpa, & my wonderfully supportive Uncle Bob, she someday would need a dad. BIG shoes to fill right?

During my single days, I dated (a lot), and hated it. I started to let go of the dream of having that ‘perfect’ family. Until one day, a new man (my boss at the time, whoops) came walking into my life. I knew from the second I laid eyes on him he’d be my husband. If you don’t believe in love at first sight, I can tell you happens!

For 3 years we got to know each other, never once did he meet my little girl, although he heard LOTS about her. Finally the hard conversations came, did you want to be apart of OUR life? If you make the commitment to be apart of our life, you don’t get the option to walk right out when you decide no more. Yes, ask my now husband, I was that blunt about the needs of being in our life. I take the lives of my children very seriously, their emotional wellbeing is my top priority.

After the first meet, the two became inseparable very quickly. Within months, she had asked if she could call him DAD because “he is what I think a Dad is: he plays with me, helps me with homework, is there for me when I puke and kisses me goodnight”. At only 5 she had so much wisdom, it brought me to my knees.

A few years later, after we were married & had brought our new little one into the world. Sitting in the car, dropping off a rent check, she saw a check. “Mom; if dad’s last name is Falco, and your last name is Falco, what is Buddy’s last name?” — “His name is also Falco” “So why am I the only one with a different last name? Why can’t I be a Falco like everyone else?”. At that very moment, we needed to do something for this little blessing child.

And so our adoption story began.

This story isn’t a typical adoption story. She was already in our family, she was mine & his (but we needed to make that part official). On November 18th, 2013 the adoption was finalized and she was finally a Falco, like she had dreamed one day would happen.

And then in true fashion, we had to celebrate this!


My sister-in-law made this cake, and I did the cake topper. Isn’t that cake the most amazing cake you’ve ever seen? She did a fantastic job!


A party isn’t complete without a banner & decor.


The ‘guest’ book was actually pretty cool. Everyone got to leave their thumb print on the tree. We actually still have this canvas, and it hangs on our wall. The favors were little jars filled with Swedish Fish



I ended up listing all of the decor in my shop afterwards because I thought it was super cool. I’ve sold so many ofishal banners and have heard so many other adoption stories, it has warmed my heart. Adoption isn’t about just getting a child, adoption is the completion of a family. To make whole what our hearts need. Adoption for us meant certainty, forever, & roots.