I cannot believe that it’s coming to the time in my life where I get to host graduation parties!

Okay, okay maybe I’m being a little dramatic, I mean it’s ONLY 5th grade gradution. But this milestone is worth celebrating.

5th grade graduation, do you remember it? That time in your life you were no longer a child but now a BIG kid? I’ve asked Trianiti a lot these past few weeks about how she feels about the newest transition in her life. She has summed it down to: Excited to be considered a big kid but nervous about her new adventure. What is middle school going to be like, if she’ll get a locker she can decorate (priorities of an 11-year old), does she NOW get a cellphone (I answered her question quickly, NO)?

Being the mom that I am, I made to commemorate this special occasion. I sat in my office all morning long creating special decorations for her, because I. AM. THAT. MOM. She will know when I am gone, I enjoyed every single second of being HER mom.

Still can’t believe that I now have a middle schooler as I made all of the decorations. It seems like yesterday that I was dropping her off at her first day of preschool. She looks like a totally different person than she does now.

Now for the party details:

Of all the decorations that I made the wreath was my favorite by far. I took a green foam wreath ring and wrapped tulle in the shades of her school colors. I then scoured my endless sea of pictures for ‘first day of school’ pictures, 7 years! and hot glued onto the tulle. I created the mock graduation cap with my cricut, however, you could totally just make a square & color in your son/daughters name & graduation year. To make the tassel I used this tutorial. Super easy and took only 30 minutes to complete the entire project.

These super sparkly jars, because who doesn’t love a little glitter at their parties? Were just mason jars bought from Walmart, some glitter bough from Michaels, and glue. All you do is paint the glue onto the jars & dump the glitter, let dry. DONE! Seriously, that easy. I promise, it’s not hard at all.

I picked up a basic cake from Walmart yesterday. because my local bakery was OUT OF CAKES!!! How does this happen, I don’t know. Seriously OUT OF CAKE?!? I’m actually still annoyed over it, as you can tell? This cake wasn’t bad, it was actually yummy, however my local bakery takes the cake (hehe) on the flavors & moistness. 

For the banner, cake topper & centerpiece sticks, you will be able to find them in my shop. Remember that all colors can be customized to your event.


I end this post with, remember to celebrate everyday. Tomorrow isn’t promised, make sure you acknowledge all accomplishments, big or small. This is me, this is who I am, I will celebrate you because you are important to me.