I LOVE decorating the outside of my house for Halloween, but why do all of the decorations sold in stores have to break the bank?

I have this huge tree in my front yard, and it’s really hard to decorate. So this year I decided I’m decorating the underside of it. I knew I wanted to hang skulls from the tree limbs, and remembered the dollar tree sells skulls! I went to the dollar tree and they did have a BUNCH of skulls, but none with holes to hang things from, but no worries! I was determined. I bought 10 at $1 a piece. (I do think I need more to fill out the tree, so I’ll be heading back for more, but 10 was a nice start).

Gather your supplies:

  • Skulls
  • Dremel tool (or any hole making tool will do)
  • String. I chose black, but I really wanted clear but didn’t have any on hand.
  • Needle to thread string. I used a embroidery curved needle, super easy to work with!

Start by taking all of the stickers off of the skulls
Drill 2 holes on the top of the skulls :

Thread the string on your needle & put it through your holes

Make sure the string is really long, so you can hang from the branches. You can adjust the length once you’re hanging, but if it’s too short they won’t hang right

Do all your skulls & then take them to your tree for hanging. It’s super easy after that point, just hang!
It total this project took me 15minutes to do from start to finish & only broke the bank by $12! The best part, this decoration is reusable year after year!