I love parties!

Of course I do, I mean I run an Etsy shop filled with party decor & invites, but seriously I love parties! I love the planning, assembling, & finally the look on everyones face when they see it all come together. No occasion is too small to have a little party for.

Every year my kids set out about 3 months before their birthday’s for a theme that fits them. This year my little man wanted a Lego ninjago theme.


Pull up a new tab and see if you can find anything Lego Ninjago party themed in the brick & mortar stores. Bet you can’t! And if you can, please tell me where. This year this theme was really hard to gather supplies but also really made me stretch my creativity. One this is for certain, I wish there would’ve been a pinata for sale, somewhere, for me to purchase. He REALLY wanted one, and I couldn’t find one anywhere! (Are pinata’s still in?)

I scoured pinterest for lego decor, and even created a pinterest board full of lego lego & ideas. I found that incorporating ninjas to this theme was going to be the difficult part.

For starters I did the easiest things I could. I took both my kids 11 & (now) 5 down to the play room and assembled: cake & cupcake platters, napkin & plate holder, and the utensil holder. I took a then took a green lego base plate and did the outline for a number 5. I had my little man fill in the 5 with assorted lego colors.


The cake is actually quiet the story. I generally use this bakery in town, have done this for years. But this year they wanted to charge me $70 for a 8 inch round cake! I am a mama on a budget, and refuse to do that! So I set off to do it myself. I am not a baker at all, but I was going to improvise. I bought lego candy off of amazon and went to the grocery store for a basic white cake with white frosting & just a little bit of red frosting for the trim. For 1 pound of candy & the cake it was $17.99. After I had both the candy & cake, I got to work. I took the cake & placed in on the lego cake platter I had made & then strategically placed the lego candy around the cake. When the entire cake was surrounded by candy, I pressed the candies in a bit to make sure they stuck & dumped the leftover candy on the top of the cake. The cake in the picture is a 8 inch round with only 1 pound of lego candy. (I can tell you, the cake was a HIT! All the guests, even adults, LOVED the cake!) The easiest cake & probably the cheapest I’ve ever spent on the cake. Took my a whole 5 minutes from start to finish.

See that little cutie in his lego costume! It was a perfect fit for his Ninjago lego party! Check out the ninjago mask here.

I made the lego banner & centerpiece sticks but I found the lego boxes for the centerpiece base at oriental trading company. I filled the boxes w/ rice and cut little holes in the top to insert the centerpiece sticks. The rice made the sticks not move around and weighed down the boxes so they don’t blow away.

Other items I purchased:

lego bubbles

lego plastic table cloths

ninjago swords

lego suckers




I loved doing everything for this party. At first it was a challenge but ended up all coming together for a great birthday bash!