Way back when, when I first started my journey of small business owner, I sold a whole Sesame Street party decor package to a lady. She received the decor & loved them! After the party I was tagged in her social media pictures.

What beautiful family, party & pictures! I hoped next year I’d be doing her daughters 3rd birthday & every birthday after that, but it didn’t happen. Life when on, and soon I was up to my ears in so many orders I forgot all about the Shravah family & their beautiful party.


Over a month ago I got this e-mail, it read:


Hi Ashlee- I don’t know if you remember me but you did Sesame Street decor for my daughters 2nd bday party in 2014 (Elmo). Are you avail to help me w a fundraiser I am having on May 23rd?

I had to look back in my records to remember who she was, but I e-mailed her back. Come to find out she never came back for more decor because shortly after her daughters 2nd birthday she was diagnosed with CANCER! I sat back and just listened to her talk about her journey, and after getting off the phone with her I was blown away & in tears. How can someone, who I’ve never met before, move me in ways I didn’t know possible?

For over 5 years now I’ve been apart of so many strangers’ memories & celebrations I’ve lost track of how many items I’ve sent out. But after that 1 phone call I was affirmed as to why I do what I do.

3 years have passed, I made & help celebrate her daughters 2nd birthday & now she’s coming back to celebrate her own birthday and to throw a fundraiser.

First and foremost I needed to learn about what organization she was working with, and what was it that she needed me to accomplish. Dee was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer, find her story here.


She wanted tent cards made for the tables that were to show her guests what Stage IV was. Many people (including myself don’t know anything about cancer). I created a custom tent card to be displayed on every table.

I also created photo booth props to be used in the photo booth. Custom labels were made to be added to her take-away bags.


You never know where life’s journey will take you. I am glad I was there in 2014 to give Dee & her family some great party decor, to make a smile & memory. I am so glad I’m still here in 2017 to help decorate a fundraiser. I am so blessed to have the job that I do. To be able to make strangers smile, or help when in need, I am blessed.

If you are interested in learning more about Metavivor please see their website here.