Making memories

Everyday needs to be celebrated. Making Halloween popcorn balls for all her school friends.

I am that person that shows my love for you by feeding you. Not only do I love to cook, but it’s the way I show love. Ask anyone, if you’re a visitor in my house I HAVE to cook for you. I think I got this from my family, everything revolves around food.

So recently I had my Grandma, Aunt & Uncle come to visit. Of course there was a TON of food made & ate, but I also had something I needed to accomplish before they left again. Making my great-grandmothers popcorn balls. This bad boys are SO delicious, super buttery & sugary but so worth every single bite. Scroll all the way down for my family recipe. This card can be printed for your at home recipe book. I designed this in Cricut Design Space™“>Design Space.

With Halloween coming up, I decided to look back in my pictures and see if there were any other cool Halloween treats I made.  I did come across these pudding cups. I made these back in 2012, for a kids Halloween party. I used this recipe.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 12.01.22 PM

I got some creepy plastic spiders and hot glued them onto the paper cups. I also melted green chocolate and piped zombie hands. They were so delicious!

Here are some more super easy Halloween sweet treats:

Rice Krispy Treat Monsters

Halloween Pretzel Rods

“Spooky” Cinnamon Sugar Flour Tortilla Crispy

Ghostly Chocolate Covered Strawberry

popcorn balls

So buttery & sugary but SO delicious.